We’re occasionally contacted by people expecting a different sort of jungle. There weren’t too many companies around called Gorilla when we started up over a decade ago. It’s certainly come up in popularity since then, resulting in an occasional, but regular, case of mistaken identity. It’s also quite a frequent occurrence that we get tagged in photos or mentioned in comments which were clearly meant for another Gorilla, and there are a few people on LinkedIn who have definitely got the wrong company in their profile.

But we aren’t haters. We’re thrilled our SEO is doing a great job and we hate to think we are getting in the way of business for a fellow ‘Rilla. If you’re looking for awesome advertising, you’ve come to the right place. However, if you’re in the market for something else, perhaps the Gorilla you really seek is one of these*….

Gorilla Fitness Training Clothes and Equipment

Gorilla Phones & Accessories

Gorilla Sports Gym & Fitness Equipment

Gorilla Glue

Shout out to our fellow apes getting that bread. We salute you.

*While we’re sure the confusion inherent in sharing a name with a client will be hilarious and totally worth the chaos it causes, if any of you other Gorillas wanna talk advertising, you know where to find us.