The year is winding towards its conclusion but we’re thrilled to announce a couple of new beginnings. We’ll be seeing in the new decade with several clients joining the jungle. These include Trellidor, e4 and the millings and home care divisions of Tiger Brands.

e4, a Fintech software specialist to the legal, financial and data industries, concluded a lengthy pitch process with Gorilla being selected as their agency of choice. “e4 challenged us to do stuff their competition wouldn’t dream of. That’s gonna be a lot of fun,” remarked Jarrod Pretorius, our Creative Director. It’s an industry we’re eager to explore. The work spans B2B, B2C, and internal communication needs for the group.

“We vetted Gorilla thoroughly during the pitch process. What sealed the deal for us was their impeccable reputation among people they have worked with,” explains Robyn Beckworth, Group Marketing Manager for e4. “That, combined with the diversity of their capabilities and the strategic approach they took to our brand objectives made them the obvious choice.” 

In another win we are extremely proud of, Trellidor has awarded us a lead role. It’s not often you get to work on such a legendary brand. Trellidor is a category leader with exciting growth into new products and fresh innovation. As a business focussed on customer safety, their willingness to experiment established their industry dominance; it’s a trait they’ve embedded in their marketing department and one they’ve made clear we will be expected to push relentlessly.

When your mandate from the brand team is “have a good time, try new stuff, make it amazing” there’s not a whole lot more you can ask for.

“We were looking to take our marketing in a different direction since listing on the JSE. We were pleased to find a young, dynamic team that have created exactly the sort of break-through communication and creative work we needed right on our doorstep,” said Pete Rawson, Trellidor’s Group Marketing and Sales Director. “What clinched our decision was that we received great references from other corporates that currently work with Gorilla. The team has integrated seamlessly. They are open minded, take criticism constructively and come back with even better results. We are delighted to welcome them on board!”

Lastly, in an announcement we are particularly excited about, we’ve been selected to handle the digital marketing for both the Home Care and Millings divisions for Tiger Brands. We’ll be working with Jeyes, Airoma, Peaceful Sleep and Doom in the Home Care portfolio and the Millings brands Ace and Golden Cloud. We can’t wait to create captivating ways for these South African staples to engage online with the people who use them every day IRL.

“We’re thrilled to have been chosen as a partner agency for Tiger Brands,” commented our resident silverback and CEO Jordan Wallace, who lead the pitch. “Their challenge to us is to produce breakthrough digital communications and as an agency in Relentless Pursuit of Awesome, we’re relishing the opportunity. To finish the year with these new partnerships is a testament to the hard work of our talented team. I’m immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished.”