If you want to your fans to know about being cool under pressure, you’ve got to first let them feel the heat.


Establish a brand association with football.
Align with high pressure moments.
Engage with fans during games.


In a 90 minute game, there are intense moments; penalties, big saves and goals! When you’re on the field, the pressure is on! Everything hinges on preparation. But what about the fans watching?

Shield’s association with football was relatively fresh, but we’ve been keeping our users cool under pressure forever. We wanted fans to experience some of the pressure while they were watching their favourite game, without asking them to take their eye off the ball.


Fans are already second-screening when they’re watching, so let’s make that the space they feel pressure whenever the players on TV experiences it.


We launched the campaign during the immensely popular Chiefs Vs Pirates Carling Black Label Champions Cup match. Winning a prize wasn’t a matter of luck. It went to the player with the fastest fingers who could stay cool under pressure. Key moments in the game triggered the “release” of USSD codes on Twitter, and the prize went to the first person to enter.


GOLD (EMEA) – Marketing Objective – Promotion

BRONZE – Media Awards – Social Media


At a time when most eyes were on the TV screen following the action, we had fans searching their feeds for content from us. For these football lovers we made a solid connection between Shield and Football. We reached 7 000 000 people and entries built a database of over 10 000 fans.

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