Shift Lux from focussed-on-fragrance to alignment with contemporary concepts of femininity, beauty and empowerment.


Women are so much more than meets the eye. Femininity reflects all facets of womanhood, not just appearances. Our message was championed through a track and music video recorded by Lira, Nhlanla and Moneoa. These iconic entertainers have a multitude of talents which were showcased throughout the campaign. The track launch was amplified through brand partnerships and ambassadors, and supported with video content delving into what makes each of these ladies who they are. In addition, our icons appeared on the cover of Bona Magazine and featured in a segment on Expresso. It was a full multimedia integrated approach. Fans could download the single on Google Play or through Apple iTunes, or receive it for free via USSD, including an IVR message from one of the stars, and be entered into a draw for tickets to an exclusive private concert. ‘We Are More’ was downloaded over 28 000 times and over 100 000 USSD entries were received. We went on to follow this campaign up with another campaign focusing on More Than You Can See.


Smarties 2017 

SILVER – Channel Media Strategy (Cross Media)

BRONZE – Enabling Technologies (Mobile Video)

Assegai 2017

LEADER – Craft (Branded Content)

We promoted the track through our social media channels, encouraging fans to download it via USSD, iTunes or the Play stores.

The track and music video were just the tip of the ice berg. PR partnerships went behind the scenes, but also onto magazine covers!