How much time do you spend on Facebook a day, how many tweets do you send in a morning and do you have Youtube on your phone? Staying connected to what is happening in the World, to our friends, our followers, our community is an activity a lot of people undertake on a daily, even hourly basis (or in my case, constantly, as I get an endless stream of Tweets coming through on TweetDeck). I will happily go as far as saying it is a part of many a person’s daily routine now, and is made soooooo much easier with smart phones, as they make tweeting and updating on the run easy as pie. A University in the United States has recently enforced a week long Social Media blackout, and were forbidden from using TwitterFacebook, instant messaging and any other online communication except for e-mail. Read the whole article here – I can’t wait to read what the students say!

How would you fare in this experiment? What if there was a worldwide Apple Apocalypse of all Social Media channels, even BBM, would you cope? Communication is so easy, quick, fun and interactive with Social Media in the mix, without it I am sure we’d feel like we’d lost a limb. Imagine it, our friends were out there thinking and doing stuff, the World was still turning but we couldn’t connect… phone calls, letters and emails are ok, but not quite the same as the instant gratification gained from Social Media. Don’t worry though people, we have an inkling #ireallythink Social Media is here to stay!