Companies hire PR firms to raise awareness about what they do. Because awareness is the first step on the road to action. But you have to wonder what sort of backlash you’re going to experience when your PR firm is getting publicity of it’s own. Especially when it’s as negative as this.Techcrunch is an awesome blog with a lot of people following it. They’re also opinionated and mouthy, but it works for them. They’re always well informed and thorough and not afraid to own up to their own mistakes so instead of coming across as arrogant and lame they appear the opposite.

They posted an article entitled Death to the Embargo, which flames pretty much the whole PR industry and effectively gives them the middle finger.

If they feel this strongly about the PR firms and it’s leaving a bad taste in their mouths, you have to wonder how many other publications, digital or otherwise, feel the same way, and how much of that ill will spills over to the PR companies’ clients.

It makes sense to hire a PR company everyone likes, or at the very least, respects.