Synchronicity is not just a cool concept, it’s an underpinning of reality. And the reality of it is that the more you’re open to it and look for it, the easier it is to find and make sense of. Also, the thought that everything is linked together and connected in order to make life wonderful is somehow inexplicably warm and re-assuring, like a cup of rich hot chocolate or a shot of Old Brown Sherry straight out the bottle.

I had a wonderful instance of synchronicity this morning. We’re in the process of outlining Kate’s job description and we know what needs to be included in the description. We also know that titles are like bottles, in that their contents take on the shape of the container. Account Executive and Project Manager sound so stiff and inadequate for the numerous roles and responsibilities she handles. So we went about it from the other direction and told her to choose her own title, in effect making her job description a part of her job. She settled on “Director of Happiness”, and we worked the job description out from there.

The synchronicity came about when, completely separately from this process, I was trolling through my RSS feeds looking for something to inspire a Fried day afternon post when I came across a video about motivation from Robert Scoble‘s blog, using it to illustrate why he works at Rackspace. After watching this video and checking out Dan Pink‘s site, it not only made writing Kate’s job description and portfolio as Director of Happiness an absolute breeze, it’s now that much easier articulating why we all left the cocoon of employment to start our own venture. Go forth, Director of Happiness. Don’t do evil, be disruptive, put your ding in the universe and Build Brand Love.

Big Up to you, Reality, thanks for the help.