The most self assured person can benefit from a bit of reassurance every now and again, some one who is usually older, wiser and more experienced saying, “hey, you are right, keep doing what you are doing”. It gives you confidence and renews your passion. By the same token, when you believe in a cause and are working towards your goals, it is always valuable to take a step back and look critically (not negatively) at what you are doing and why. To look at yourself critically in a professional (or personal) light ensures you keep moving forward on the right track and have confidence as you are doing it. I had this experience today.

Gorilla believes that for brands to be loved they must tell great stories. The content a brand produces must be engaging and exciting so people feel compelled to engage and get excited, after all, you can’t force people to interact with a brand. It is because of this mentality that we see the content a brand produces as their must valuable business asset. When a brand interacts with their consumers they should imagine they are building a bonfire. Campaigns used to be about setting off fireworks, flashy, noisy and over in a few seconds. However, if you light and nurture a bonfire the flames will continue to burn and people will huddle around and share the warmth.

This is what Gorilla believes and I had my own moment of reassurance when I read a Seth Godin blog this morning. We often reference Seth Godin, who is an entrepreneur and prolific writer on the subjects of business and marketing, and this morning I read this golden nugget;

K is for kindle: No, not the ebook reader. Kindle as in patiently starting a fire. The TV era demanded blockbuster launches of blockbuster products aimed at the masses. The internet responds better to bonfires that are kindled over time, to ideas that spread because the idea itself is the engine, not the hype or the promotion. First, ten.(Seth Godin; ‘A post-industrial A-Z battledore‘)

Seth Godin is reminding the World that campaigns spread when the content/idea itself is incredible, rather than because of the noisy, flashy promotion that surrounds it.  Brands should use that incredible content as kindle for a bonfire, the fire will draw people in and you can tell great stories to keep them sharing the warmth. And when somebody like Seth is spreading this message, which is at the heart of Gorilla’s manifesto, I can’t help but think “Yes!”

We constantly read around on the internet, research what brands are up to, keep up to date via social media platforms and follow industry experts. This emphatic reading is fun and incredibly interesting, and we do it to stay up to date and fuel our imaginations. However, to read other peoples’ thoughts and opinions is also our way of checking ourselves, to make sure Gorilla is on the right track. To achieve your goals, to make a difference, and stay true to your beliefs takes confidence and hard work. However, a little reassurance is always welcome.