noworkMy mac has gone in for some TLC from the good people at iComputing and I have discovered something wonderful. For all those FOMO suffering Mac owners who get stomach cramps every time they see the price tag on a new model and ulcers every time they think about how shockingly out of date their 6 month old machine is, apparently some dealers let you Trade in.


Glass multi touch track pad and edge to edge screem here i come. In theory.

As one might imagine I’m pretty much at a loss functionality wise without a computer. Sure, I can get by with my Blackberry, and when all else fails there’s good old fashioned phone calls, but honestly, what self respecting technofile talks to someone unless they’re face to face, and sometimes not even then. There are things that can be done, and I’ll get round to them, but with Jordan and Barry out of the office I thought I’d best put access to their computers to good use. Like setting barry’s screensaver to a screenshot from . Good times.

Although it has to be said, using someone elsse’s machine is like wearing someone else’s gum guard. It’ll get the job done, but it’s not ideal.

Back to work, but before I raise my productivity levels, here’s one last thought: If you’re reading this in your office and having apoplectic fits comparing how fun and flexible our jobs are, you might want to go have a look at Savanna’s new online competition, where you can win a R15000 a month salary for 5 and a half years.