[singlepic id=154 w=130 h=130 float=left]Last time you were given some Fried Day Fun from our Strategic Ponderer. “Strategic Ponderer” is now officially Jordan’s job title/position/role as it is inscribed on our new business cards… I’ve sent the artwork, so no more changes!  Today children, I have the pleasure of taking you on a mystical journey through my random exploration of the World Wide Web, jumping from webpage to webpage through the links and inspiration that jump out at me.  I like to call it a haphazard meandering through the random online offerings flung out at my by the infinite god of the Tinter-web.  So sit back, slurp a smoothie, and hold on to your bean bag because the ride’s about to start…

Where to begin… I thought I’d check out a site Jordan often frequents, namely Buzzfeed.com.  I scrolled down, had a little look around and was initially drawn to the story entitled “Asian Susan Boyle gets a Record Deal”.  Baffling.  Anyhoo, I went back to the home page and clicked on “Eyjafjallajökull Timelapse” and watched an incredible video of this pesky volcano that has been causing a whole world of trouble in the Northern Hemisphere.

Out of the corner of my eye, in the now buzzing column I noticed a cute little box person, so being a girl who apparently likes cute little box people, I clicked… “Boxes are People Too”.  The photos are cool, and there was a link – “Turtlefeed” to the photographer’s site so I investigated further.  And I saw this photo… [singlepic id=153 w=640 h=427 float=center]

I was a mixture of confused and dismayed… but ended up having a proper craving for sushi! I got a bit distracted with this urge so googled “sushi specials Durban” and the magic of Google gave me an answer in the form of a Blog.  Ask Ashe is a blog written by a self-confessed Girl about Durban and she informed me there was half price Sushi at Simply Fish.  Sorted.

I’ve gone a bit off track, but this blog was kind of interesting as she has included links to other cool things to do in Durbs.  As a very recent Durbanite I was intrigued.  I clicked on a link to Cup Cake Couture and as you can see for yourself it’s a blog by a girl who creates her own cute accessories and is a big fan of the i heart market in Durban.  That interested me, I like nothing better than a funky market, and apparently they’re held in Greyville on the first Saturday of every month.  Then on to the I heart market blog, who are advertising a cup cake making contest being held in a couple of weeks, mmmm cupcakes.  I think I might go buy some.

Right, where was I… going off on a tangent I guess!  But I suppose this is the whole point of the Web, it is full of so many options, channels, leads, links and avenues to explore that you can get well and truly lost.  Digression and procrastination are pretty much synonyms for Internet. I’m not quite sure where I am now… all I know is that I would really like a cupcake.