I can like to be a...Imagine going for a job interview. You don’t know exactly what it’s for or what they do, but they’ve asked you to come in especially and the buzz you’ve heard about these guys is vague, but exciting. So you go to the meeting.

They’re really stoked to meet you. Like really stoked. Normally the way these things go you feel like you’re in an interrogation or at least some sort of test. This feels more like you’ve won a prize. When they start explaining the job to you it gets even more weird.

“Your mandate will be to come up with your own job function and objectives and then make ’em happen. We’ll pay you a market related salary based on your skills and qualifications but your bonuses will be based on metrics set and agreed upon between all of us. Deliver and you’ll make bank.”

Not a job, career or an industry, but a function. The purpose for your involvement. The work that you do, aside from all the flotsam and jetsam that we all do every day. What would that function be? How much of it can you start doing, today, in the job you already have?