We sit online most of every day. We read voraciously. And even then we are often humbled by the rate in which technology develops and the implications that has on social media, consumer engagement and creative capabilities. Seriously. Log on to www.slideshare.net and type in the words “social media”. Do that every Monday for a month. I promise you 4 mind blowing Mondays. It’s scary, it’s challenging, it’s daunting. Most of all it’s very very exciting. We get it. Our problem is that most of the people we try to share our passion with, don’t sit online all day. They don’t interact with social media on a daily level. Some don’t have Facebook accounts. Leave alone the fact that Facebook, with its “like” function proliferating the net, is now genuinely giving Google a run for it’s money in the “I’m the most powerful being in the universe race”. GOOGLE!!!!!! We get asked if we can Tweeter things on Facebook. We have been asked to post a brand’s event photos to Youtube. We have been asked to make a medical brand’s infomercial go “viral” like that Susan Boyle video. Really people? Do we really come across like the guy in the video below when we share our passion?