Castle Lite TrilogyIt’s such a burden being the middle of a trilogy. Maybe it’s something like being the middle child. You’re not the oldest or youngest so you’re expected to look after yourself.

In the case of narratives, you’re expected to not only carry the weight of your own tale but simultaneously act as a bridge between the first and final acts.

Tricky business indeed. Take, for example, the current Castle Lite campaign. It’s setting up as the classic trilogy scenario, which means even if that isn’t the number of ads they intended to produce, they may have to in order to finish on a high note. The first installment was so strong, with Vanilla Ice jumping outta nowhere in that ridiculous outfit and the DJ doing his thing in the background.

The follow up fell short of expectations with MC Hammer chuckling away in the background. All that good work undone. But all is not lost. Castle Lite can yet resurrect their early 90’s pop culture cred with a big finale.

So what we’ve done is set up a Facebook page where people can get involved, trying to decide which One Hit Wonder should be used in the third act? Will it be Chesney Hawke’s ‘I am the One and Only’? Or could they stick with the hip hop solo artist route and use Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’?

Make your voice be heard. Join the Castle Lite Trilogy Facebook Page, start an argument, upload a note, send a link to a video. We’ll put up a poll and add some people’s suggestions to it. With a little effort we can help Castle Lite end this campaign in style.