RE/MAX MOBI/LEADS is Gorilla’s proudest achievement to date. Built from the ground up, MOBI/LEADS is a cutting edge mobile property publishing system feeding off RE/MAX Southern Africa’s property portal This makes it the largest of its kind in Africa,  and a great example of how Gorilla is using mobile trends and technology to provide turn-key solutions to a variety of industries.

Very simply, whenever a new property is loaded to the RE/MAX website, MOBI/LEADS duplicates the listing on a mobile version of and the web reference is duplicated as an SMS keyword. This SMS keyword, along with the RE/MAX short-code 33418, can now be included on all the agent’s advertising,  allowing potential buyers to simply SMS and have all the property images and information found on sent to their mobile phones. Consumers can therefore view much more property information than print can provide, without having to leave the paper to log-on to a computer.

And here is where the power of MOBI/LEADS as a sales tool comes to the fore. As a potential buyer is browsing a property on their phone, MOBI/LEADS sends the listing agent an email with the potential buyers’ cellphone number and details of the house they were viewing. Clever stuff, and it’s changing the game in the South African property market.

How it works