Global Marketing Consultants R3 got in touch a while back to let us know we’d been shortlisted for their inaugural Social 40 list.

This was somewhat out of the blue. After doing a bit of research (motivated by healthy skepticism borne of one too many sales pitches disguised as something else) we knew they weren’t tryna con us. R3 are a global company who have been in business since the ‘70s, with people and clients on several continents. They work with major brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung and Mcdonalds. They are pitch consultants charged with the responsibility of helping brands select agencies best suited to their goals.

The Social 40 is their first public step into Social Media and rather than list the 50 biggest companies, they chose a global sample of agencies doing creative, interesting stuff. You can read about their selection criteria and methodology here. Yesterday, we were informed Gorilla is one of two African agencies chosen.

R3 Social40

We’re not in this for awards and accolades, but it’d be a lie to say we don’t get a thrill when our efforts are acknowledged, particularly when it comes from a source we didn’t actively pursue. There’s nothing like positive feedback to make you feel good about what you’re doing.

You can read more about the Social 40 on these sites or request a free download of the full list here:

Campaign Asia

Marketing Interactive


Yahoo! Finance


Cheers, R3. Give us some skin!

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