The Puma Gear BoxWorld Cup madness mounts to fever pitch, and every brand out there is either trying to squeeze every last drop of affiliation out of their sponsorship spend or trying to make sure they don’t overstep a boundary and anger the FIFA gods. Kulula and Nando’s (the event that must not be named!) treating the biggest thing in the world like some contemporary of Voldemort is a nice touch.

A couple cool things popped up on our desks independently but seeing as they all feature the same brand and are a nicely integrated message we thought we’d mention them. The first is Puma’s Gear Box, a bus getting ready to drive the length and breadth of South Africa. A mobile store that looks like a club, it’s pretty insane. Check out where and when it’ll be near you here.

The second thing they’re doing is Unity beer, a limited edition collaboration with brewmasters Gabriel Collective and available at Cape Town’s fine watering hole &Union. The beer is pricey but worth it and was launched on Tuesday. The design of the bottle is inspired by the Unity Kit, which ties in with Puma’s Play For Life project. So there’s a bus, apparel, beer and charity linked together. An odd collection but it’s all very integrated, clever and well thought out, and that’s the sort of stuff we like to see.mmmm beer....

A tip of the hat to you, Puma, and if anyone in Cape Town wants to get some of that beer for us, Moo Cho Grassy Ass.