Also Naked

I stumbled across this little titbit (yes, I deliberately spelled it like that) and thought it was an awesome example of something that is clever, creative, entertaining, innovative and probably completely ineffectual. Air New Zealand’s pre-flight safety video now features all of the staff naked.

Depending on what their intended objectives are, this is either a big success or a total fail. It’s getting them some nice viral coverage and as a marketing endeavor it’s a success. But if they think that it will help passengers retain whatever information they’ve been given in the video, it’s probably not gonna work so well.While the staff in the video have the Air New Zealand flight attendant uniform anted onto their bodies and camera angles ensure that there’s no essential bits in the shot, I’m pretty sure that the last thin on any viewer’s mind is the nearest emergency exit or the proper procedure during a sudden loss of cabin pressure.

Nudity is a great way to get someone’s attention but don’t expect them to concentrate eon absorbing info at the same time.