It’s been a while since we updated the Gorilla blog. Expect, nay, DEMAND more frequent content from your favourite apes. What with a few new clients and office renovation, we’ve had a lot on our plate, but the place is finally workable. We have sufficient desk space, floors that don’t look like an aircraft hangar from the ’70’s and walls that match our chairs.

Paint fumes have an underestimated toll on productivity but put quite a nice spin on brainstorming sessions. “All” has a slightly different meaning than it used to in these parts, as we’ve had to execute a minor bit of expansion to accomodate the workload. If you want to follow our new staff on Twitter, here they are, in no particular order:

Fathima Kathrada – VP of Visual Kung Fu
Kath De Villiers – Inernational Intern of Mystery
Steve Donald – Idea Architect
Kelly Smith – Manager of Mayhem
Dean Hooper – Magic Bean Counter
Jemma Wilson – Creator of Awesomeness
Andrew McGuirk – Digital Savant

They’ll be jabbering away incessantly, so make sure to add them to your collection.

One other thing, Red Bull‘s Manny Mania came to a close at the Revolution park in Festival Mall last month and we were there tweeting, writing, shooting videos, commentating and helping out/getting in the way. Some pretty impressive skating and good luck to winner Moses Adams, who head to New York in August to compete against finalists from the rest of the world.

We were very stoked to be involved, and looking forward to doing more cool stuff with the Winged People of the Bull.

That’s it for now but we’ll be back with more next week.