In case you hadn’t heard…

South African’s are crazy about their mobile phones. In fact, according to Admob, we are amongst the top 5 most responsive consumer groups in the world when it comes to interacting with mobile content and communication. There are double the amount of phones in this country than TV’s. We use them from everything from communicating, to listening to music, surfing the web, and doing our banking. And used correctly, with thought and clear strategy, they are the most direct, versatile, measurable and cost-effective business tool at your disposal. That is a fact.

Gorilla has teamed up with Norwegian mobile supremos Vidamo Wireless with the goal of developing and providing globally cutting-edge mobile platforms and solutions to clients. Fusing technical innovation with creative imagination, we provide solutions ranging from simple branded SMS campaigns through to the largest mobile property publishing system on the continent.

Mobi/leads – Sales through technology

Mobi/leads is a publishing platform developed by Gorilla specifically for those in the sales industry. Combining mobile internet publishing, keyword and short-code hosting and email alerts, Mobi/leads puts the information your prospective clients need into the palm of their hands when they need it, whist tracking their interest and contact details via email.

FMCGmobile – Putting brands in hands

FMCGmobile is a publishing platform developed by Gorilla specifically for large companies that control a number of different brands. A single mobile website is developed with individual brand pages, each of which can be accessed via unique SMS keyword. Consolidated, targeted databases allow brand managers to track and reward product loyalty with scannable discount vouchers or instant prizes, run mobile surveys, or communicate brand campaigns. Our content teams work with each brand to ensure a steady stream of relevant engaging and rewarding content populates the brand page, and keeps conversation with your consumer flowing.

FMCGmobile allows for the strategic integration of traditional media channels, whilst delivering the reach and intimacy of personalized communication to a consumers mobile phone.

We won’t list every mobile solution we offer here, rather give us a shout, and challenge us to find one we don’t.