Our newest project, kicking off today, is Red Bull’s Manny Mania. If you don’t know what Manny Mania is, we’ll tell you. If you don’t know what Red Bull is, best you get out from under that rock ASAP.

Manny Mania is a skate comp with a difference. The Brainchild of US pro Joey Brezinski, the entire concept is based around tech skating, most notably the manual. In three short years it’s gone from a once off event in the States to a global contest series. The winner in each country is flown to New York to take part in the Amateur finals, with the Winner of THAT getting a coveted spot in the invite-only Pro contest.

SA has four qualifiers happening across the country in partnership with Element and Nixon. Follow  Red Bull on Twitter or just keep going back to the local site for updates. You can check out the global updates for Manny Mania here.

We’re flippen stoked, we’ve wanted to work with Red Bull for ages and now it’s happening on one of their coolest projects. Gorillas on wheels, look out now.