It’s Mandela Day pretty soon! Here’s what we’re doing. Before we honour the legacy, a TL;DR history lesson on South Africa and uTata: Mr Mandela spent 67 years making the world, and more importantly Mzansi, a better place . Now on his birthday, July 18, the call is out for people everywhere to celebrate by acting on the idea that each person has the power to change the world. Spending 67 minutes of their day to make the world a better place… simple, right?

“It’s in your hands, now,” said Mandela. Time to act on it. 

cleaning up the beach with the litterboom project

River and Ocean pollution is a big problem worldwide and as you may or may not know… Gorillas don’t live by themselves on Skull Island and rescue damsels. They live awesome lives in sunny Durban. But right now, our jungle and coastline need some attention. That is why we are teaming up with The Litterboom Project . These guys are hard at work trying to capture and recycle the trash coming from rivers into the ocean, and they also run regular beach clean up events. Which is where your 67 minutes are about to be put to good use…

Join us on Glen Ashley Beach between 8 and 11am to clean up the dunes!

ARt WITH HEART – Auction

Later in the afternoon the action swings back to HQ, where we’re hosting a little soiree. We’ll be showing off our creative side and auctioning once-off pieces created by the Rillas. We like to dabble in painting, photography, typography, clothing, sculpture and more. We’ll be using a bidding system, and if you can’t make it to the office, you can bid online through Instagram. We’ll have all the pieces up on @GorillaCM

4PM sharp the office doors open for our Exhibition. Come hang out and purchase some Art With A Heart. All proceeds will be donated to the Neslon Mandela Children’s Fund.

Join us for a drink, or some sort of snack food, possibly on a little stick, and end off your day of doing good by rewarding yourself with awesome, safe in the knowledge your money will help those in need. That’s a win/win/win situation if ever there was one.

See you there!