In just 6 short years, Youtube has become the greatest source of video footage ever put together. With over 48 hours of video being uploaded and more than 500 YouTube links being tweeted every minute, it’s nearly impossible to ensure that your video will get any hits whatsoever, even considering that over 150 years of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook alone!

Finally there’s a tool to help! Introducing Magisto, a Magical Video Editing website that edits your home videos for you. “Amazing!” you say? Even more amazing is that there’s no one behind the process, it’s completely automated. Magisto uses it’s own specially designed algorithms to cut, chop and change any and all of your home made videos into amazing highlights packages, even adding a soundtrack. They’ve even managed to get the attention of the video hosting site and last week announced that they have partnered with Youtube to make video sharing even easier!

Pretty useful considering nearly 17 million people have connected their YouTube accounts to at least one social service.

You can sign up on their website, or login using Facebook or Google+.

Visit Magisto’s blog for more info.