While customising mass produced consumer products is nothing new, I really like the way Quiksilver have done their new myboardshort campaign for the Diamond Dobby range. Design a pair, share it on Facebook, or buy it and have them delivered to your door. Although at 119 Euro’s you better be pretty asmped on exclusivity.

The sharing aspect is a nice touch. Showing individuality through dissemination of a customised mass produced global brand. There’s some irony in there. I called mine the Aqua Smurf, and you are all free to use the design, because I am generous with my genius. Hopefully this project is a success, the price comes down and the design ooptions go up. Maybe then you’ll see me getting pidded so pidded in a pair of Aqua Smurf 2.0’s.

custom designed diamond dobby boardies courtesy of Quiksilver