[singlepic id=164 w=130 h=130 float=left]Hi, please may I introduce you to Mr (or though he should be a Lord) Seth Godin. If you haven’t already met I can tell you that this man is one of the most insightful human beings in the world of Marketing.   If you are in the Industry his blog and books are a must-read, hey, and if you aren’t they are also a must-read.  He offers incredibly poignant advice and insight, and he is genuinely out to change the way we do business and communicate with each other for the better.  On the 14th June there will be a real life (not virtual!) meet-up for appreciators of Seth, just imagine, on this one day there will be people WORLD WIDE meeting up all with a universal intention… Gorilla is a part of it and we want you to join us. If you need reminding of how great this gentleman is please have a read of some of my personal favourite blog posts he has done recently, and then you will see the reason why we are getting so excited!

So… lets raise the flag for Seth Godin in South Africa, click on this link to join us –

Linchpins are everywhere (raise the flag) – meetups

See you on the 14th June.