We’re very proud to announce that Gorilla has been asked to exclusively represent South Africa in the Social Media Agencies Network, a global initiative by KRDS.

Founded in 2008 in Paris, KRDS has been on a rocket-fuelled growth curve, going from 10 to 120 staff and opening 7 offices across Europe and Asia. They know what they’re doing!

In early November co-founder Thomas Jestin got in touch with us to talk about their latest venture: a worldwide coalition of independent agencies assisting one another in establishing an international network of on-the-ground expertise in order to better service multi-national clients.

The Social Media Agencies networK, or SMAK, is seeking out an agency in every country to be a part of the network. This allows each member to have a direct line of communication with potential partners and affiliates who can provide a local perspective and assist with anything from research and consultation to development and activation.

We’re excited and proud to have been approached to represent South Africa, and look forward to learning from and sharing with the other agencies who make up SMAK.